The Black Baron (or Dark Baron, depends of the dub) is the main villain in Kingsland. In a lot of his appearances, he is seen trying to overthrow King Kendric, while in other episodes he just want to get rich.

Personality Edit

The Baron Is charming and clever, and always have in mind a lot of plans and strategies to steal the throne from the King. He's also pretty sneaky but still have good manners to fool whoever he want.He really has a crush on Cala Maria,the giant mermaid in the game Cuphead.

Appearance Edit

He wear a black suit, and a necklace with a red gem.

Abilities and Items Edit

The Baron is really good sword fighter and pretty clever at making plans or deal.

Relationships Edit

The Baron don't really have any notable relationship, but he seems to be good friend of Baba Cara. He also seems to respect his knight Ripan.