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This is a wikia for information about the children's show Super 4 (once referred as Super 4: Heroes United) based on Playmobil toys.

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This show was created in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Playmobil and it features some of their most popular toy lines: knights, pirates, fairies. The show was originally created using the French language, but was later dubbed in to English and can be found, in that form, on Netflix at the time of this writing. Unless otherwise mentioned, this wikia refers to the English version of the show.

It follows 5 friends who each come from different cultures ( because they were each from different islands ) as they go about adventuring and helping those who need it. Each character's personality reflects the island they come from, and each of them seem to be exceptional compared to those on their original island ( Alex is a prince, Ruby is a pirate, Gene is the scientist and inventor, Twinkle is a fairy and Alien is the mascot )

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