Ruby Red is one of the protagonists of Super 4. She is a pirate that comes from Gunpowder Island. She is voiced by Veronica Taylor in the English version and by Laetitia Lefevre in the original version. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She was found by the pirates on the 19nd of November , and that's why her adoptive father named that day as her birthday.

Personality Edit

Ruby is brave and sweet, which in the most of times leads her into trouble. But she is willing to face every danger to save her friends. She is obsessed with treasures and gold like any other pirate and is very cunning when it comes to tricking other pirates and villains.

Appearance Edit

Ruby has dark blue hair which she always wears in hanging pigtails in the front, leaving the rest as it is, and black eyes. Her trademark clothing is made of a red coat with golden buttons, a white shirt underneath, brown pants, brown boots, a single golden earring and of course a pirate's typical hat with the skull and the two crossed bones.

Abilities and Items Edit

As a pirate Ruby has this abilities and items:

Sword-fighting skills Edit

She can use a sword really well. Her loyal saber is always by her side as her best weapon. It is metallic, with a pointed blade and a golden hilt. She got it from her father as revealed in Convoy Of Honor.

Tricking Skills Edit

Even though only for good intentions, she is a very good liar and thief--typical of being a pirate.

Relationships Edit

Alex Edit

Ruby and Alex are friends and often back up each other in various fights, due to their similar personalities. They are both brave and excellent sword-fighters, but where Ruby is hot-headed and reckless, Alex is reasonable and cool-headed.

Twinkle Edit

Twinkle is Ruby's friend though sometimes she despises her silly and girlish behavior.

Gene Edit

Gene and Ruby argue a lot because of their different personalities, but despite everything that they get along well. In the episode "Lady Unicorn" they act uncomfortable and awkward when being other to lure a witch out of her house.

Trivia Edit

• In Ruby Queen of the Seas pt. 1 it was revealed that she was adopted by Rubens who found her as a baby while fishing.

• She is the only character to have a unnatural hair color (like blond, brown or black) who is not a fairy/witch.

• In the fourth part of Ruby Queen of the Seas we discover that her hat used to belong to SharkBeard before taking it from him.

• In the concepts art her hair were black.