Rock Brock is a new character introduced during season 2, at the episode Enchanted Jungle. He's an adventurer, and his homeland is unknown for now.

Personality Edit

Rock Brock thinks very greatly about himself, but he is in fact rather reckless and clumsy. He seems to be very naive sometimes, but he is also very optimistic.

Appearance Edit

He wear a fedora with zebra patterns, orange goggles, a black shirt with a grey jack and a normal pair of pant. At a closer look we can notice that he also has differents pockets in his jacket, and a compass,matchisticks and a first aid kit on his arm.

Abilities and Items Edit

Although being very clumsy, Rock Brock seems to be very strong, in fact everytime he fall or get hurt, he get up and act like nothing has happened. He's the only other character that have his own vehicle, in fact he have a sort of monster truck, with wich he moves in the Lost World.

Relationships Edit

Rock Brock get along with everyone and call them his "bros", although he seems to be more close to Franz and Twinkle, probably because he see them as a little brother and little sister.