Kingsland is the land of Knights and royalty. It is Alex's home island. Kingsland is ruled by king Kendric. Most problems on this island are caused by the The Dark Baron who often tries to overthrow the king.

Locations Edit

The Castle of the King Edit

This is the main location in Kingsland. It's the home of the King and his Knights. (so it is also Alex's home)

The Castle of the Black Baron Edit

This is the home of the Black Baron.

Special objects Edit

The Golden Teapot Edit

The Golden Teapot is very important for the people of Kingsland, but villains (e.g. Baba Cara and Fourchesac) often try to steal it. The teapot is considerd magical.

World map Edit

In the library of The Castle of the King hangs a map of the world. The Lost World, Gunpowder island, the island of the fairies and Kingsland are shown on this map.