Dr.X (or Professor X in some cases) is one of the characer of Super 4. He is the leader and head scientist\inventor of Technoplois.

Personality Edit

Dr.x is pretty fond of himself, and think that he is the most genius and creative scientist of Technopolis. When he speak he tend to use more than a word to explain the same thing, probably just to show his inteligence.

In the first season he acted more like a villain and actually pretty rude toward everyone who questioned his ways, later on (season 2) he seems to have calmed down and now act more friendly.

Appearance Edit

Dr.X wear what seems to be a white suit, and white gloves as well

Abilities and Items Edit

Aside at being an inventor Dr.X does not have any particular ability or items. Althrought in season 2 is shown that he have a laser gun. 

Relationships Edit


In the first season they were mostly rivals, and was obvious that dr.x was really livid at him for being more competent. In season 2 meanwhile they seem to respect each other

The Fairy Queen

As shown during season 2 ( Sabotage, Romancing the Opal) he and the Fairy Queen have a sort of rivarly because of their differencies, but during the episode Romancing the Opal is show that they fell in love (even if because of a misunderstanding) but at the end of the episode they broke up (again because a misunderstanding).