Baba Cara is a witch. She is the main villain of the fairies, although she is also often seen trying to steal the golden teapot in Kingsland.

Personality Edit

Baba Cara is the stereotypical storybook witch and villain. She hates all things good and happy. She loves causing trouble and doesn't care who she hurts or tortures in her quest for power. Of all the villains, she is the most evil as well as the most competent. Baba Cara has a thirst for magical power and will steal it from other magical creatures.

Appearance Edit

Unlike the colourful fairies, Baba Cara is a dark figure with muted colours and dull white skin with thick eyebrows. She wears a black headress with two horns similar to a dragons with a shorter horn inbetween. Her dress is black with two petticoats with tattered edges, a spikey collar, silver breast plate and a grey skirt.

Abilities Edit

Baba Cara is a very powerful witch with a host of dark powers at her disposal. Her broomstick functions as both a means to fly and as a scepter to channel her magic. She can fire her spells from the tip of her broomstick. With her cauldron, she can spy on people. Baba can craft powerful magical items like necklaces that make people fall in love, a paintbrush that destroys all colours and a gem that makes someone feel only pain.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance is very similar to Maleficent, the evil fairy from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
  • Her name is similar to Baba Yaga, an evil canibalistic witch from Russian folklore.